About Us

D!fferent by Des!gn is an online boutique and brand created by Felicia Marie based in the Philadelphia area. Felicia started DBD in 2011 to bring something different, dope and affordable to the fashion world. Her vision for DBD is cultivating something eye catching for everyone while being trendy & comfortable.
"I knew what it was like to not have certain fashion brands growing up when everyone else did. But I knew if I had it, I'd wear it in a completely different way. I just want people to feel good wearing my brand and look good too."
All denim is personally hand-crafted, designed & made to order by Felicia herself. She takes her craft and her customers seriously. Always educating herself and looking for the best products for her brand, Felicia always makes sure that her customers needs are met with every item hand picked.
"I had the dream and name ever since 6th grade. I used to draw stuff from out of magazines and cut outfits out and piece them together."
"D!fferent By Des!gn" is still flourishing with sales and customers internationally. Felicia’s dream is now a reality thanks to her hard work, dedication and the support of her continued customers.